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PENSION PLAN actuarial services are at the core of what we do as retirement actuaries. The key differentiator between our firm and the national chains is the additional value we deliver to our clients. This value comes from the personal attention we provide, as well as our ability to take complex results and communicate them in a clear, straight-forward manner.

We provide actuarial services to a wide range of defined benefit (DB) pension plans each year. Our core services for DB plans include:

  • Actuarial funding valuations
  • FASB accounting valuations
  • Annual nondiscrimination testing
  • Pension plan administration
  • Funding and accounting projections

Beyond the core services, we are experts at many non-standard actuarial services including:

  • Plan design and redesign
  • Plan termination consulting
  • Liability-Driven Investment (LDI) studies
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Pension plan audits

If you’re faced with any of these complex issues, then you’ll want to work with an experienced actuary like those at Van Iwaarden Associates.

We have the expertise and knowledge to help you make informed decisions for optimal results.

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